What are the steps to the All on 4 dental implants?

February 2, 2023

If you’re considering All on 4 dental implants, it’s important to know the steps involved in the procedure. These steps may vary slightly depending on your individual case, but this gives you an overview of what to expect if you’re considering All on 4 dental implants.

What are All on 4 dental implants?

All on 4 dental implants are an innovative and reliable form of dental restoration that can be used to replace a full arch of teeth in one procedure. The implant consists of four titanium posts, which are surgically inserted into the jawbone with the abutment and replacement teeth then attached onto the posts. With proper care, All on 4 dental implants can last just as long as natural teeth.

The first step is to consult with a dentist or oral surgeon

Taking the first step to getting the All on 4 dental implants starts with a simple consultation with a dentist or oral surgeon. During this consultation, key information about your medical and dental history will be taken. This data is collected in order to determine if you are an eligible candidate for the All on 4 procedure. The decision of eligibility depends heavily on your current bone structure vibrancy and other factors agreed upon by your clinician. After the initial consultation and evaluation, you can have piece of mind knowing you are well taken care of as you prepare for the next steps in your journey towards a full set of beautiful teeth that feel natural and secure!

The next step is to have an X-ray and CT scan taken

If you are a candidate for All on 4 dental implants, the next step is to have an X-ray and CT scan of your mouth taken. This allows the surgeon to carefully plan out where to place the implants for best efficacy. The importance of these scans cannot be overstated as they ensure that all elements work in harmony to provide a perfect smile. Additionally, these scans will help the surgeon use precise measurements and techniques while ensuring the structure around the implantation remains intact and healthy.

Before the surgery you will need to have any remaining teeth removed

In order to undergo the All on 4 dental implant procedure, any remaining teeth in the mouth must be removed beforehand. This step is done during a preliminary consultation with Temecula Dental Implants and Oral Surgery in preparation for the surgery and must be performed no matter which type of implants are chosen. Removing the remaining teeth prior to surgery not only makes enough space in the jawbone for the new implants to take hold but also spares you from feeling too much discomfort during the actual procedure.

During the surgery

Surgery is one of the main components of the All on 4 dental implants. During surgery, titanium posts will be inserted into your jawbone in order to provide a secure foundation for the prosthetic teeth. The posts must be allowed to heal correctly before artificial teeth can be attached, so this process may take several months to complete. After healing has occurred, the dentists will affix your new teeth to the titanium posts. This technique offers great comfort as well as providing you with a bright and confident smile.

After healing, you will return to have your new teeth fitted and adjusted

The last step in the All on 4 dental implants process is when you return to have your new teeth fitted and adjusted. This final stage involves making sure that each tooth fits comfortably in your mouth and also looks natural. During this session, a few adjustments may be made – such as filing down any sharp edges – so you truly have the perfect smile! With these implants, you can feel confident that your mouth will look and feel beautiful with the new replacement teeth.

With proper care, these implants can last as long as natural teeth and provide you with a beautiful, secure smile. Talk to your dentist to see if All on 4 dental implants are the right choice for you.

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