World’s Most Powerful Laser

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World’s Most Powerful Laser

World’s Most Powerful Laser

Want to own a laser so powerful that it’s practically a lightsaber? We present to you the world’s most powerful laser.


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Super Mario Chess Set

32 custom, hand-painted Super Mario brothers figurine chess pieces Custom Super Mario Bros. Game board


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Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask

f you’re looking for a truly creepy mask then look no further than these moving inkblot Rorschach masks. These hand made masks are akin to the mask seen in the movie Watchmen with the endlessly changing ink blots, and come in five differe...


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Smartphone Endoscope Tube

Support Android Phone has OTG and UVC function, such as Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 S7 Edge, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 5; NOT support iOS devices; NOT support Android 7.0 or above system, such as Samsung Galaxy S8.


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Magic Wand TV Remote

Universal Gesture Based Remote Control by the Wand Company


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Harry Potter Chess Board

Recreate the iconic chess game scene from the Sorcerer’s Stone right in your living room using this Harry Potter chess board. Each of the 32 pieces in this authentic replica are modeled after the magical creatures found on the Hogwarts ch...


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LEGO Batman Tumbler

If you think driving a Tumbler is hard, just wait until you try assembling one in LEGO form! This highly detailed Batman Tumbler will drive both comic and LEGO enthusiasts wild as they work on building their very own mini Tumbler


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Vector Robot

Vector is the mini personal robot that’s smart, fun, and affordable. This little fella is always eager to assist you with anything ranging from accessing social media to playing fun games, and can also function as a patrolling security ca...


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Calculus For Infants

Get your infant ahead of the curve from day one with Calculus for Infants. This amusing booklet will teach your child the introductory lessons of calculus – giving them a noticeable advantage that will easily last throughout their pre-kin...


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Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

Make the jump to light speed with this Star Wars vehicle sun reflector. This incredibly geeky accordion style sun reflector is the perfect way to protect your Millennium Falcon’s interior from small asteroids and merciless UV rays.


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