World’s Most Powerful Laser

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World’s Most Powerful Laser

World’s Most Powerful Laser

Want to own a laser so powerful that it’s practically a lightsaber? We present to you the world’s most powerful laser.


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Star Wars R2-D2 Projection...

Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock. Projects time, date or seconds depending upon mode selected

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Star Wars Darth Vader Porc...

Star Wars Darth Vader Porch Light


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Color Changing Magical Dra...

One-up the Mother of Dragons by placing these incredible color changing magical dragon eggs on display. The scales on these handcrafted 4-inch eggs begin to change color right before your very eyes when reacting to the heat coming off your ...


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Dragon Balls

Start thinking of a good wish because with the Dragon Ball Z set in your possession, anything is possible. After decades of searching the globe, the seven dragon balls have finally been tracked and are ready to be used – immortality is fi...


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Kinetic Energy Sculpture

Remember that really cool swinging kinetic energy sculpture that was so distracting in the Iron-Man movie? Sure you do. Well it’s real, and you can buy it! This sculpture makes a cool gift idea for the work place to keep you endlessly dis...


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Vector Robot

Vector is the mini personal robot that’s smart, fun, and affordable. This little fella is always eager to assist you with anything ranging from accessing social media to playing fun games, and can also function as a patrolling security ca...


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Mini Planetarium Projector

Gain deeper understanding of our cosmos by studying the night sky with this mini planetarium projector. It makes all the constellations clearly visible and can be set with a specific latitude, date, and time to see the night sky anywhere in...


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Star Wars Family Car Stickers

Show off your geeky family tree with these Star Wars themed family car stickers. Featuring fifty stickers ranging from Jedis to bounty hunters, these Star Wars car stickers have something for everyone in the family


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Harry Potter Chess Board

Recreate the iconic chess game scene from the Sorcerer’s Stone right in your living room using this Harry Potter chess board. Each of the 32 pieces in this authentic replica are modeled after the magical creatures found on the Hogwarts ch...


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